Metabolic 10 year Anniversary

Metabolic 10 year Anniversary

Eight years ago, the Ceuvel won the competition from the City of Amsterdam, giving us the piece of land on loan for ten years. Then a team of (landscape) architects, technologists and entrepreneurs joined forces to realize the Ceuvel, with Metabolic doing the concept development, implementation and research for the sustainability plan. 

Now Metabolic is celebrating their tenth anniversary with a beautiful campaign in which everyone shares their aha moment. The 1st encounter with sustainability, the first need for a cleaner world and maybe the first idea towards improvement. Read all the aha moments here and get inspired.

During the global lockdown, I secretly enjoyed the silver linings of quarantine. Less air and road traffic meant less pollution, which meant cleaner skies and rebounding nature. People even had more time for themselves and loved ones. It stunned me how quickly governments of the world shut down much of the economy with the snap of a finger. My mantra at that time became, “if leaders can collectively shift our daily lives in the face of a virus, they proved how they are just as capable of doing it in the face of a climate crisis.” … – Larae

29 September 2022

Private event

Café de Ceuvel

starts: 16:00

ends: 23:00