Mindfulness Training LIVE // 8 WEEKS

Mindfulness Training LIVE // 8 WEEKS

A clear, practical training at De Ceuvel. For anyone who is stuck, sleeps badly, feels alone, never does things right according to themselves or keeps grinding on. Imagine learning to deal with that differently in 8 weeks! Would you like to? Good news: you can. It can be learned step by step.

Mindfulness has been helping thousands of people who are or were dealing with the same thing for decades. Maybe you think that’s not for you. That it’s too ‘floaty’ and all that. But that is just an image and how it is sometimes presented. In fact, it actually gives you very practical ways to deal with a busy life in a healthy way.

Mindfulness is not something you just ‘do’ on a cushion or on a yoga mat. But something you ultimately just apply in your daily life.
That is what I focus the training on: that you feel more space in your life, with your daily things, peace of mind, know what you want for yourself and can enjoy what is.

But I can tell you, it is better to experience it for yourself. Would you like to try it out? I give the training flexibly and in small groups. Very clear, down-to-earth and practical. With different types of exercises so you can try out what suits you. Short or long, indoors or outdoors. With extra attention to applied exercises, for use in your daily life.

Also good to know: if you have supplementary insurance, the training is in many cases largely covered by your health insurance!

Curious? More information & registration via https://ankewijnja.nl/mindfulness-training/, or e-mail me at info@ankewijnja.nl.

About Anke Wijnja
Anke is a Ceuveler from the very beginning. She loves nature and takes care of the Purifying Park at De Ceuvel. Mindfulness has long been part of her life and since her burnout at 31, it has become a natural part. A certified trainer, she looks at meditation from a broad perspective, approaching it playfully, lightly and with humour. Member VMBN (category 1) and registered in the Mindfulness professional register.

More information: https://ankewijnja.nl/mindfulness-training/
Sign up: Can be done by email to info@ankewijnja.nl, or via the site

Wednesday evenings:
Start 20 September – 8x from 19:30 – 22:00 (not in school holidays)
Cost: €375
Location: Workship – De Ceuvel

20 September 2023


Workship - De Ceuvel

starts: 19:30

ends: 22:00