Spiritual Ecology Community of Practice #2: Decolonisation

Spiritual Ecology Community of Practice #2: Decolonisation


Spiritual Ecology is a spiritual response to our present ecological, social, economic and political crisis. It recognises that life – all life – is sacred and invites us to act in service of life. In the words of Barbara Sargent, Spiritual Ecology ‘seeks to heal unspeakable wounds and tries to rebuild the fabric of our lives together with the Earth’.

Though a great wave of ‘official’ decolonisation took place in the 50’s and 60’s, the underlying paradigm of white supremacy and its power systems is still prevalent in most parts of our world, including the Netherlands. Much is to be done in reclaiming people’s traditional culture, redefining themselves as a people and decolonising the land; and it is high time to do so.
In this evening we want to inquire into and explore Spiritual Ecology and Decolonisation. How can we – from our various ‘places’ on the spectrum of privilege and oppression – support the decolonisation of our own lives and those around us, and be in greater service to life?
This evening is hosted and lightly facilitated by Daryll Landbrug and Maaike Boumans. Daryll Landbrug is a human rights activist and youth worker with great experience in the field of anti-racism activism, building communities and motivating youth for positive change.
We have 20 places – if you sign up after that capacity has been reached, we’ll sent you and email and put you on the waiting list! Sing up via Inschrijfform
*** Background info *** 
We have developed a highly dysfunctional society that is based on continuous economic growth at the expense of the Earth and its many life forms, including human lives. This system is more oppressive for some than for others, and ultimately harms everyone.

To shift to a regenerative society, we need to:
• work with ourselves and our own awareness
• build relationships with others (perhaps even outside of ‘your bubble’) and
• reconnect with Earth and find ways to be in service to life

This Community of Practice is a place to practice these three aspects and to learn together. A place to grow our ‘muscles’ of resilience, compassion and warriorship.

*** This Community of Practice ***
It is my* aim to create a space that welcomes all identities, recognises that everyone is on spectrums of privilege and oppression and holds space for people to express what it’s like to have these experiences. I would like it to be a space where we can hold difficult conversations, allow all emotions to be present, and support our own and each others’ learning process. You are very welcome to join.
This is the last Community of Practice before the summer. After the summer holidays we’ll meet again on: September 26, October 24, November 21 and December 12th.

*I am Maaike Boumans, a host, trainer and spoken word performer. I founded Bright Future Lab, hold an MSc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and am a fellow of Spiritual Ecology of St. Ethelburgha’s Center for Reconciliation and Peace. In my work and life I practice kindness, generosity and curiosity, and create spaces for people to be in learning together. I strongly believes in the regenerative power of life.

13 June 2019

Free, register online

de Ceuvel

starts: 19:30

ends: 21:30