Tales of Apple and Pear // Storytasting

Tales of Apple and Pear // Storytasting

Hello there, curious travelers! Are you willing to hear the lore and legends of alcohol? Our journey will start in Kazakhstan 2000 BC with the domestication of apples, then we’ll explore the impact it had around the world. We’ll jump from one civilisation to the next and learn about the people, landscapes and traditions behind these natural beverages.

This event includes:

📚 2:30 hours of stories
🥃 Apple Juice
🥃 Pear Juice
🥂 Apple Cider
🥂 Pear Cider
🍷 Pommeau
🍹Calvados Cocktail
🧀 Plant-based cheese assortment from the Willicroft Store

Storytaster introduces you to artisanal, traditional and sustainable drinks, hoping to inspire more people to drink more consciously. The stories are meant to bring context to the glass and support producers who protect their heritage and environment.

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Good drinks and stories are the best way to gather people. Join us on this casual adventure through History and flavours!

11 June 2022


De Ceuvel

starts: 19:30

ends: 22:00