Foraging Expedition // Spring ‘Tea & lemonades’

Foraging Expedition // Spring ‘Tea & lemonades’

*This expedition is Dutch spoken
May is often a beautiful month to be outdoors. Full of fresh greenery and all kinds of flowers in nature. It is the time when I make most of my teas and lemonade’s, from different plants. In addition, all kinds of other goodies also grow, which I like to teach you how to pick. So have you always wanted to know which plants, leaves and flowers you can eat or drink? And how to prepare them? Then join me this Sunday.

During the expedition, we will see how many edible plants you will encounter, learn how to recognise them, which ones are edible and whether it is responsible to pick the plant. Of course, we will harvest some plants and take them with us.

Back at the Ceuvel, this gathered harvest will be washed, cut and sorted. Then we will start culinary work. Together, we will put together a not-so-ordinary tasting – with a tea buffet and small bites, depending on what the park has to offer us at that moment.

Anke Wijnja connects people with themselves and with nature with her company The Nature Connection. She holds offices at the Ceuvel, where she is, among other things, the manager of the Purifying Park. Anke has enormous knowledge of nature and everything that grows and blooms, and conveys this with great enthusiasm. Besides the Wildpluke expeditions, she is a nature coach and teaches outdoor mindfulness.

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Other dates: 16 April, 11 June and 2 July


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14 May 2023


De Ceuvel

starts: 09:30

ends: 13:30