Foraging Year Training! // 7 expeditions

Foraging Year Training! // 7 expeditions

Do you really want to learn how to forage? Be sure of what you pick, even if you are on your own in the woods? Do you want to learn more than ground elder pesto? Then join The Nature Connection’s annual wild picking training!

Every season, you go on a wild picking expedition (4x) and also get 3 foraging specials on a special subject (e.g. forest first aid, planting tea & coffee, cooking on fire). In other words: 7 live expeditions throughout the year where we both pick and cook with it or make something. We don’t keep starting over, but build on what you saw/learned/did the time before.

To make it even more your own, you will be given tips and assignments that you can do yourself between sessions – this way you will discover what you can find in your own neighbourhood and gain confidence in your own picking. This also makes it possible to incorporate processing techniques that take a bit longer (such as fermenting, drying, making lemonade or jam, etc.).

In short: we really go into the wild picking depths! Curious?

About the trainer:
Anke Wijnja connects people with themselves and with nature with her company The Nature Connection. She holds offices at the Ceuvel, where she is, among other things, the manager of the Purifying Park. Anke has enormous knowledge of nature and everything that grows and blooms, and conveys this with great enthusiasm. Besides wildflower expeditions, she is a nature coach and teaches outdoor mindfulness.
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Wildpicking Year Training!
Starts Friday afternoon 29 September 13:30 – 17:00/17:30
(training, with 7 expeditions)
Cost: €425

29 September 2023


De Ceuvel

starts: 13:30

ends: 17:30