Workshop Spiritual Ecology in Daily Life

Workshop Spiritual Ecology in Daily Life

Are you worried by the mess we are in as a global society and are you looking for your contribution to support the healing of our world? Have you heard of the work of Joanna Macy and always wanted to learn more about it? Do you feel a longing to (re-)connect to nature while living in a city?

This workshop was inspired by Joanna Macy’s body of works called together The Work That Reconnects. We are offering this 1 day + 1 evening program to share our inspiration and reflections on this work. We want to bring people together around the inquiry of making peace with Earth, which includes making peace with ourselves and others.

This workshop consists of two parts: a full day on Saturday May 4th, 10:00 – 16:30 and a follow-up evening on Monday June 3rd, 19:30 – 21:30.

On May 4th we’ll go through the spiral of the Work That Reconnects by Joanna Macy through a series of practices, exercises and conversation. We want to end the day with a reflection and a ‘hands-on’ hour to integrate your learnings into your everyday life. What is it you can do differently on a daily basis? How can we support ourselves and each other?

After this intensive day we offer a follow-up evening. We know from experience how helpful this can be to help you to deepen your learning and reflect on how the intended actions you formulated a month before were implemented or not.

“We don’t wait until we are sure of success. We don’t limit our choices to the outcomes that seem likely. Instead, we focus on what we truly, deeply long for, and then we proceed to take determined steps in that direction. – Joanna Macy

We look forward to welcoming you!

We want to support the building of a community around this work. The two workshops are offered on a donation basis. Suggested donation for the full day workshop on May 4th and the evening on June 3rd together is: €25,- – €50,-. You are welcome to contribute more or less than suggested prices depending on your financial position.

Besides the donation, we ask you to cover the cost for a delicious nutritious vegan lunch at Cafe de Ceuvel on May 4th and coffee breaks during the sessions: This is a fixed price of €20,- per person.

Please note: This workshop is limited to 20 participants. Kindly register soon if you would like to participate. Register here through:

– About the trainers – 

Maaike Boumans:
I am a poet, traveller and host. I hold an MSc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and have been working around these topics for the past six years with Bright Future Lab. After a powerful 5-day solo retreat in nature a few years ago, I’ve been longing to deepen my connection with nature. To learn to speak her language again and live my life from a place of reverence and simplicity. This has brought me to Spiritual Ecology. I would love to meet you on this journey!

Annick Nevejan:
The last 30 years I have been exploring how to integrate the ancient wisdom of practicing Tibetan Buddhism (Mahamudra) into our everyday Western life. Trained originally as a community-based artist (MA DasArts Theatre) I slowly shifted to facilitating individual and collective processes of transformation in different contexts and for different organizations. Over the years I developed my own training programs and coaching with my own company in Amsterdam, based on an integration of Buddhist and Western psychology, systems theory and the latest developments in neuroscience. I regularly work abroad in giving mindfulness, compassion and insight trainings and retreats (holding a MSc in Mindfulness). The work of Joanna Macy deeply inspires me in how to awaken to our collective challenges and find our own unique way of contributing to a better world.

4 May 2019


Metabolic Lab

starts: 10:00

ends: 16:30