Tour of Noord

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Besides a tour of our own site, we also like to take you through the district in which we are situated. That’s why we now offer a tour of the Amsterdam-Noord district. We will will show you a colorful area with many faces which is transforming at the speed of light. De Ceuvel is one of the figureheads spearheading this transition and from our shipwharf we see the change around us every day. Through the eyes of  a ‘Ceuvelaar’ we will tell you the story of Noord as we experience it. 


Since time immemorial, the north bank of the river IJ was host to a few scattered fishermen and farmer villages. At the end of the 19th century, the city of Amsterdam laying across the water, started development of chemical and shipbuilding industries in what is now known as Amsterdam-Noord. In the early 20th century the first laborers’ tenements were built as the Van Der Pekbuurt and Vogelwijk were constructed. Now a 100 years later Buiksloterham is moving away from an industrial zone into an urban environment suitable for comfortable living and creative working. Amsterdam-Noord is constantly listed atop of international listings of ‘hippest hoods of the world’. The ambition is to turn this old industrial zone into a circular urban district. Meanwhile new buildings are developed almost weekly, and you can’t have a stroll around the neighborhood without bumping into hipster bars or fashion boutiques.

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