art sale in support of refugees on the Polish-Belarussian border

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Olga Bednarz en Asja Ckowska organise a charity art sale in support of refugees on the Polish-Belarussian border during our sustainable christmas market. 

In the past month, thousands of people have become stranded along the border between Poland and Belarus, and the situation is becoming increasingly dangerous for them. Even though they are trapped in the forest without food and shelter, experiencing life-threatening medical conditions and dying, access for humanitarian aid as well as journalists, is being cut off. Only a limited number of grassroots organizations are able to help those in need.

All of the raised money will be donated to Grupa Granica (Border Group), an organization that is helping the refugees in countless ways – provides them with direct humanitarian aid, participates in medical interventions, takes part in procedures for accepting applications for international protection, and searches for missing persons. They provide the public with verified and reliable information about the situation at the border, document human rights violations, and explain legal issues. They constantly call on the Polish government to humanely resolve the border crisis and de-escalate violence. They monitor and document key events. 

The art sale will take place at the Crossboat on 11th and 12th December at 12, a wonderful opportunity to buy a gift and enjoy a winter drink in a cozy atmosphere. See you there!