Awards & Recognition for De Ceuvel

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We’re proud to be able to reach and inspire so many others with our projects. De Ceuvel is a unique place with many unique individuals. The last year, we’ve had a lot of recognition, but really De Ceuvel is just a community platform for a number of really great individuals, companies and projects.  Together, we’ve been featured in local and international media publications more times than we can count, and the past year, we or our members have received a few nice awards and honorable mentions.

  • De Ceuvel was named most sustainable initiative of The Netherlands during Sustainable Tuesday. 
  • Mark Kulsdom (The Dutch Weed Burger) won the Purpose Award at the end of 2016 for being an entrepreneur on a mission.
  • Esmee Jiskoot & Joey Hodde (Café de Ceuvel) were named in the de Sustainable Young 100. This list consists of the 100 most influential youngsters under 32 in the sustainability field. 
  • Toon Maassen (Café de Ceuvel) was mentioned in the Food 100 – a list of the most important foodchangers in The Netherlands 
  • Tom van de Beek (The Tipping Point) received the Wubbo Ockels Nova Zembla prijs during the annual Springtij Festival on Terschelling
  • Eva Gladek (Metabolic) and Tom van de Beek (The Tipping Point) have both been mentioned again in the Sustainable 100 of Trouw newspaper
  • The team of Café de Ceuvel participated in the Micro-ideals Challenge of Squarwise and won from more than other sustainable companies by doing small good deeds for a month.
  • Metabolic won the DAM prize and is named most sustainable SME of Amsterdam-Noord. Their client DGTL won the prize for most sustainable company of Amsterdam as a whole.
  • Stadslab Buiksloterham Circulair has been selected as finalist for the Dutch Design Award. Buiksloterham is the neighborhood in which de Ceuvel is situated and De Ceuvel is one of the co-signatories of the Manifest Buiksloterham Circulair.
  • The Dutch Weed Burger is named Best Newcomer at the Vegan Awards 2017 and Best Vegan Burger at the PETA NL Awards
  • Superuse Studios is nominated for the Rotterdam Architecture Prize for their project Blue City 010 Offices