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Amber Architecture

Amber Architecture designs spaces, ranging from housing to public spaces. We make spatial strategies, interior design and architecture. We discover the heart of an assignment and celebrate the qualities of a location. That is how we get to the essence.

How does Amber Architecture makes the difference?
Amber Beernink: “The ultimate spatial solution requires: proper analysis of the needs of the clients, the qualities of a location and the range of promising solutions. In a fun and fruitful exploration we discover unexpected spatial possibilities. The chosen design is worked out to be implemented, with building details that can stand the ravages of time (or not, if it is a temporary structure).”

Why does the company fit here?
“At the Ceuvel, plants, boats, sky, water, and people create an easy and constructive energy, which makes it the perfect backdrop for an inspiring workday. It is hard to resist stepping outside, which is a great architectural quality. With two eyes on quality, using ecological building materials and building energy-neutral houses (passive houses), we try to add some beauty to this world.”

Amber Beernink



Jona Dekker - journalist, artist and copywriter - ís Storyminded. She loves all kind of stories: beautiful and ugly, inspiring and urgent ones. She wants to know what you have to say. She wants to surprise others with your point of view. She wants to tell it as good as possible in a way that it inspires and the reader.

How do you make the different?
Jona: “My strength is that I’m good at catching what others have to say, that I’m creative and at the same time very ordered. Ask me to tell a difficult story in spirited words, and I’ll gladly do it for you. It’s my mission to spread the views of totally different people in a bright way. I want to stimulate curiosity for ‘the other’ and - in the best case - contribute to more empathy in the world.”

What can people call you for?
“My specialities are research, interviewing and writing in Dutch. I also think in images. And I always like a good cup of coffee or tea. And I love asking. So actually you can call me anytime!”

Why do you feel at home at the Ceuvel?
“This is my dream workspace. A green island in town. With all those different people and cross-pollination. The people here are not just people, but very nice and sturdy ones that want to built a place like this with there own hands and with their feet in the mud. Last but not least I’m very proud to contribute to a place so sustainable, where we experiment with how we can take better care for the world.”

What was your most unforgettable Ceuvel moment?
“The moment when the boats were lifted on land, with nothing but black mud around it. Almost as if they were placed by there by a huge flood. I felt such exitement about this raw place - it was my place, our place - and this was only the beginning! Afterwards we built the meandering boardwalk together, the binding element. Thanks to this open ‘architecture’ we see each other every day, we chat a bit and we are just like a little village: a solid community.”

Boot: 2c
Jona Dekker
+31-(0)6 414 30 141



RVCC is a communication agency which operates in the entire cultural sector. We work for producers, festivals, and venues and also produce our own content. All of this is in the field of music, (youth) dance, mime, theater and visual arts (in public space).

How does RVCC makes the difference?
Rinske Verdult: “Commitment, thoroughness and a no-nonsense mentality characterize my work. In a refreshing professional manner RVCC is getting things done for different kinds of communication. What makes her heart beat faster are ambitious and sparkling organizations, where beautiful and inspiring projects are realized by working together.”

What can I call you for?
“RVCC offers a wide range of services, concerning all aspects of communication. From writing a flyer text to developing a long-term marketing strategy. And from sending press releases to setting up a social media campaign.”

Why does the company fit here?
“People at the Ceuvel are proactive who like to roll up their sleeves and take initiative for change. By doing that, they make the world a better and more beautiful place. RVCC shares these values and likes to contribute both to society and to the cultural sector in particular.”

What is your favourite activity at the Ceuvel?
“Having lunch or a beer at the end of the day, at our very own porch in front of the big window of our boat.”

Rinske Verdult W.
M. 06 134 094 28


Superuse Studios

At Superuse Studios we believe we can make a difference. We think ingenious, beautiful and functional architectural and social design solutions can be created using existing resources, materials and systems. Everything is already there, we just have to see it and utilize it. In this way we can transform to a sustainable society and limit the impact of architecture and design. To make optimal use of locally sourced 'waste' in new design solutions is what we call SUPERUSE. Functionality, sustainability and aesthetics are our guiding principles.

How does Superuse Studios makes the difference?
Jos de Krieger: “Years of experience in the field of research gives us an edge compared to other designers in this field, we know the pitfalls and how to avoid them.”

What can I call you for?
“All questions related to reuse of materials, circular economy and design questions ranging from product to building scale.”

Why does the company fit here?
“If I welcome a client at the Ceuvel I can show and explain all aspects of our firm by walking around on the boardwalk.”

What is your favourite spot at the Ceuvel?
“The view from our boat, watching through the plants and over the boardwalk, along Hermens boat, towards the water while a beam of sunlight breaks through the clouds and gives everything a golden glow.”

Boot: 2c
Jos de Krieger
+316 50616804


We The City

We The City believes that the people who use the city are the people that color the city. Our goal is not to design public space, but rather to change the way people view public space. In doing this, people can look at the city as a canvas that can be colored by us all, together.

How does We The City makes the difference?
Jesse Jorg: “All projects empower and inspire public space users to 'take over'.

What can I call you for?
“Urban Adventures.”

Why does the company fit here?
“De Ceuvel is made by all of us, together. And it will never be finished for our dreams are infinite.”

What is your favourite activity at the Ceuvel?
Building something new with your bear hands and enjoying the hell out of it while afterwards drinking a cold beer next to an open fire.