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Concept & Design

LOTS OF / Concept & design develops discipline independent concepts. I give shape to various communication questions, for various large and small, commercial and non-profit organizations.

How does your company make the difference?
Christel Lit: “LOTS OF / Invents, designs and realizes. Reach the essence together and realize from idea to end result.”

What can I call you for?
“Concept development, online design, print, packaging and other physical manifestations.”

Why do you feel at home on the Ceuvel?
“The Ceuvel is a cleantech playground where we show change. Not by an utopian vision but by doing.”

What is you favorite moment on the Ceuvel?
“Come early on a sunny morning, and see the Ceuvel wake up.”

Cristel Lit
06 41 25 41 56


Studio Wendy Rommers

I’m specialized as a spatial and graphic designer and work on exhibit design projects as well as on interoir and graphic design projects. From concept to elaboration. My role as a designer is to look at a variety of issues from a different perspective. I work independently, but also as a team member together with other professionals.

How does your company make the difference?
Wendy Rommers: “I like to work in co-creation: going through a creative process together with a project team or the client. From the start till the end: listening, inspiring and bringing problems to the essence.”

What can I call you for?
“For exhibit designs, spatial design (I have much experience in houseboat-design) and graphic assignments. But also for the development and participating in new concepts and future visions.”

Why does the company fit here?
“Because I believe that we can inspire others that things can be different. The future is not later, it’s starting right now. And things can only be achieved if we get off the beaten path. And that’s exactly what we do at De Ceuvel!”

“What is the best kept secret on the Ceuvel?”
Take the rope swing and feel like a child again!

Wendy Rommers
06 14236979