Boat 2m


The Dutch Weed Burger

Kabaalmakers maakt documentaires voor de jeugd, samen met de jeugd.

Wij verzorgen verschillende workshops waarbij we op zoek gaan naar verhalen die bij de kinderen en jongeren leven en tegelijkertijd leren we hen de beginselen van het filmmaken. Dat kan journalistiek, documentaire, stop-motion, animatie en fictie zijn.

How do you make a difference?
Mark Kulsdom: “The ingredients that we use realise a serious reduction in our ecological footprint, compared to the animal derived predecessors. We create demand to new and sustainable resources with a no compromise approach. We try our best to keep the activist roots in the fundamentals of our philosophy by aiming for ethical and ecological profit and making impact in the whole chain.”

What can I call you for?
“For a good vegan BBQ, working on campagnes that protect and restore the oceans and realising short term world peace!”

Does the Ceuvel feel like home?
“The Ceuvel is the one and only office place from which I would want to run a company. The dreamy water view work really well for my brain activity.”

What should we all come and do here?
“Eating the Dutch Weed Burger at the cafe obviously!”

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