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Natuurgeneeskunde Noord

The self-healing ability of the body is strengthened with a Naturopathic treatment. It allows the body and mind find a good balance again. A treatment in consists of different types treatments like; massages , lab research, iridology, medical herbs, tinctures, orthomolecular supplements and nutritional advice. Which treatment is best for you is determined after an elaborate interview.

How do you realize change?
Berith Danse: “Naturopathy is a sustainable way of dealing with illness and life changes. With natural medicines and healing time the self healing ability of the body is awakened again.”

What can people call you for?
“For good advice on health and health problems.”

Why does your company fit at De Ceuvel?
“Naturopathy consists since ancient times elements of natural nutrition, cultural well-being and sustainability as starting points. De Ceuvel is a breeding ground where this ideas also comes together, while we are looking for a future for our children and grandchildren in a natural way.”

What’s so good about this place?
“The Ceuvel is nice because it is an outdoor location right in the city of Amsterdam. Therefore you are always in contact with the weather and the elements.”

Berith Danse
+31 6 5148 3513


Schokkenbroek Ontwerp & Fotografie

We will realize your dreams

Monica Schokkenbroek Ontwerp & Fotografie works for socially committed people and (non-profit) organisations. “I work together with a network of consultants and copywriters meaning we can offer a broader range of services. My particular specialism lies in interior photography for lease and sale.” In addition to her commissioned work Schokkenbroek also makes non-commissioned works and documentary series.

What’s your goal?
Monica: “Our challenge is to approach the assignment from an unexpected angle. From book to house-style, from logo to website.”

What can we call you for?
“Graphic design, corporate identity's, books and websites, (interior) photography, photography courses in the workship, including teambuilding workshop using photography.
Or for a special bowl made on a potter's wheel.”

Why do you feel at home at De Ceuvel?
“The sky is the limit.”

Boot 6c
Monica Schokkenbroek
+31 6 2630 2523


Stichting Theatre Embassy

We Start with Art

Theatre Embassy sees a world in which art and culture are self-evident, necessary factors for the integral development of people, society and civilisation. In this ideal world the artist plays a central role as the driving force behind change and sustainable development. Theatre provides the necessary medium: theatre integrates a variety of art forms, irrespective of culture or continent, and can reach a broad audience.

How does Theatre Embassy makes the difference?
Berith Danse: “Theatre Embassy’s objective is to achieve global sustainable development: we focus our attention on socio-cultural development and human forms of expression. Theatre Embassy believes that the magic, power of expression, historical awareness and innovative capacity of the theatre contribute to the development of the world’s societies and civilizations. The universal language of the theatre unites people in their hopes, dreams and ideas: it offers them new perspectives for viewing the world. This in turn contributes to their wellbeing and happiness.”


Workship Trainingen

Changing by Imagination

WORKSHIP TRAININGEN is an ideal crossover between theatre and interpersonal communication. We are skilled in the use of creativity in the personal growth of individuals and we encourage people to start living and working from their own visions, desires, talents and necessities.

How does Workship Trainingen makes the difference?
Caroline van Leerdam: “We believe in the use of art and culture elements as main tools, because they consist forms and structures that fit the integral way in which a man learns and plays.”

What do you offer?
“Workship Training offers trainings and workshops: presenting, pitching, speeching, debating, the art of giving and taking feedback, brainstorming & mind maps, personal development, concept development, creative workshops, personal coaching, directing theater, dialogues and conversations on stage as in working situations. In our training we use our knowledge, passion and skills from the theatre. In addition, we offer this beautiful studio for rent to organizations and activities that fit within our objectives.”

Why does the company fits De Ceuvel?
“Because De Ceuvel is developing to a cleaner, better world, because this development is always in motion and dynamic... that generates growth and development. This fits with our goals.”

Favourite Ceuvel moment?
“The moment that the steel floor from our boat was sawn away and we got a present: A stage!”

Boot 6c
Workship Trainingen
Caroline van Leerdam
+31 6 5882 3424