Cows, sheep, horses, chickens, goats, rabbits and pigs are kept organically, with a good chuck of care and love. It is also a place for people with a disability to receive care while working on the farm. This is where we get all our milk and cheese.

And for the lactose intolerant cappuccino lovers among us, we also have organic oat milk and soy milk! We charge 2o cent less for every cup of coffee with oat than a cup with cow milk. Why? For the production of 1 liter of cow’s milk, about 1000 liters of water is used, which equates to 130 liters of water per cappuccino. If you put oat milk in your cappuccino, you end up with 16.5 liters per cup. In reverence, with 130 liters of water you can shower for 20 minutes. Also, the production of oat milk emits 80% less greenhouse gases. That’s why every cup of co ee with oat milk will cost you 20 cents less than a cup with cow’s milk.

For more information see: zorgboerderijonsverlangen.nl/zuivel