Mijn Stadstuin (‘My City Garden’)
In our quest for the stories behind our products, we have teamed up with Mijn Stadstuin. There is a special piece of land for De Ceuvel, where we are working with 25 volunteers to grow as many vegetables as possible, local and organic!

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50/50 Green

On a 5 minutes bike ride from de Ceuvel is the Salvation Army’s organic vegetable garden called 50/50 Green. Apart from supplying us with local organic seasonable vegetables, this initiative serves as an apprenticeship where people with poor job prospects get working experience, so that they can slowly rehabilitate in our society.

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Greenhouse on the roof

Together with  Metabolic and the Nomad Farmers we have built a greenhouse on De Ceuvel. Here we are growing fresh herbs in a circular auquaponics system. It can’t be more local!

If, after all these vegetables and herbs, we need any more vegetables, we are buying our vegetables from other local organic farmers!

If you are interested to learn more about urban farming and would like to join working on Mijn Stadstuin, send an email to