Ethno Kult after-dinner art & boogies

Ethno Kult after-dinner art & boogies

Ethno Kult is a new non-profit initiative for multicultural music & art promotion. Its goal: pushing artistic collaboration further by linking emerging and alternative artists from all over the world, through a digital platform and via all types of events, and so, without frontiers. 

For its kick-off event, Ethno Kult will gather 3 artists from Amsterdam, Berlin & Paris to play at the amazing sustainable arts & culture-supporter Café De Ceuvel in Amsterdam Noord, and bring some exotic electronic tunes to warm up the cold Dutch winter…

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Check the artists’ works on our website:

Ethno Kult Soundsystem:

Da Iguana (FR)

Felix Tapes (NL)

Lavender & The Good Times (NL-GE)

Live painting by Lennart Jaspers (NL-GE)

15 December 2018


Cafe de Ceuvel

starts: 22:00

ends: 02:00