Free live music at the cozy Café de Ceuvel! From dancehall to jazz to funk to house to opera. With this time the band JACAMAR. Do you want to be here? Then make a reservation HERE.

The foundations of ‘Jacamar’ are built upon the songwriting and home recordings of it’s frontman, guitar player and singer/songwriter Randy Haas. As a Dutch indie-rock artist he desired to bring some of his latest ideas and even older ones alive with a band of best friends.

Wouter Bauman – Drums & Percussion
Dick Fennema – Bass
Kim van Haaster – Keys and vocals
Randy Haas – Guitar, vocals & lyrics.

“We bring out the best of each other and that reflects in the process of shaping the songs to their final finesse, because we do it together”.
And they did it quick! A few rehearsals were enough to make the magic happen in IJland Studio Amsterdam. Supervised by sound-engineer Remko Schouten who”s experience and recording skills perfectly fitted the creative mindset of the band and brought in the right flow and good vibes.
Jacamar”s first single !Great in the sun”#concludes it all, with it”s loose summer vibes, grungy drum sounds, pointy basslines, sunny guitars and transparent layered vocals it brings the sunshine to the ear and heart of every listener. Jacamar’s following release ‘Nighttime’ (October 2021) as a counterpart, reveals the more darker side of the band’s songwriting spectrum.

A fierce train ride with dirty guitars and sexy soundscapes, being helt together by steady grooves and harmonic vocals. Jacamar released their first 5-track EP ‘Stand tall’ December the 3rd of 2021 and will then be hitting the stages and festivals for the sake of live music!

22 December 2022


Café de Ceuvel

starts: 21:00

ends: 22:00