Clean up #21 ‘A Plastic Ocean’ Edition

Clean up #21 ‘A Plastic Ocean’ Edition


Join Trash Hero Amsterdam on Sunday for a low key, “gezellig” and productive clean-up in the neighbourhood of De Ceuvel! We’ll bring gloves, grabbers and bags. Afterwards we can join the screening of the documentary: A Plastic Ocean.

No costs – no sign up – just show up!


We believe that every one of us can be a Hero. Are you ready to make a statement, make some new friends and become part of the Trash Hero family? Then join us in our mission to clean and reduce waste together.

How does Trash hero do this?
Action and Awareness. We pick up trash, together, during our clean-ups. And we motivate others to do the same.
Education. We actively engage children through various programmes.
Sustainable Projects. We create and support programmes and strategies that help communities reduce and better manage existing and future waste.
Inspiration. We motivate people to become Trash Heroes in their everyday lives. With consistently positive messaging, and a philosophy of “small steps”, we remove the barriers to change.

We do this by being positive, inclusive and neutral, by showing and not telling and by being transparent.
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15 December 2019


Het Plein

starts: 15:00

ends: 17:00