De Olie Bibliotheek // WORKSHOPS

De Olie Bibliotheek // WORKSHOPS

New at De Ceuvel: every Thursday alternating workshops by The Oil Library. Learn more about oil pressing and especially what you can do with oil!

Have you always been curious about how natural cosmetics are made? The basics start with selecting the right oil. In this workshop, you will first learn the basics about oil pressing, so you can make cosmetics at home using simple means.

Together, we will go into the different properties of oils and you can do various tests to see what suits your own skin type. Then we will go into mixing different types of oil, after which you will make your own massage or skin oil to take home. We will work with the finest cold-pressed oils that are not or hardly available in ordinary shops. Finally, we conclude the workshop with a communal dinner.

There are thousands of types of vegetable oil, but most people can’t even name 10 of them. In our library, we currently have about 80 of them that are suitable cold-pressed, others mainly for frying or as carriers for flavours.

In this workshop, you will learn the basics needed to press oil, have an extensive tasting to get to know some of the dozens and get to work smoking one of the selected oils or adding other flavours to it. This workshop is accompanied by a simple dinner and an extensive oil tasting.

The Oil Library
Workshop ‘body and massage oil’ & ‘develop your own culinary oil’
Alternating every Thursday from 18:00 to 22:00.
Price: €65 (including communal dinner)



65,- (including dinner)

De olie bibliotheek, De Ceuvel

starts: 18:00

ends: 22:00