It has been a decade!

WHIEHOEEE! THE CEUVEL ANNIVERSARY IS COMING UP ON 15 JUNE! And that means: all Ceuvelers gather for – yes – a whole day of partying in our city oasis!

And because it just might be the last anniversary… we’ll be packing double! Will you also come to party, look back on 10 years of De Ceuvel, watch, swirl, drink, play, chill and dance from light to dark?


During the day, you can have a nice chat on our grounds, where there is plenty to see, do and experience. Imagine yourself in the world of photography, sustainability and music with the creative Ceuvelers on their boats, drum up your own or all of the neighbourhood children for the fun children’s programme (drum up the child in you too), immerse yourself in our history and brainstorm about the future of the Ceuvel OR immerse yourself in the water on our jetties surrounded by greenery.

And as soon as you fancy the first Oyster mushroom bitterball, the evening programme can begin! Expect music that moves with the moment of the day, from mellow to spicy beats. Spread all over the Ceuvel Terrain: grand on the mainstage and hidden between the greenery and the boats on the Secret Garden Stage. There is something to do and discover everywhere…

*more info on the program below!


Looking ahead


This anniversary will be a party where we can show to each other why the city cannot live without De Ceuvel… De Ceuvel is only allowed to stay until February 1, 2025. Meanwhile, we are working on a sustainable plan to continue our dream. For this we can also use your help.

During the festival on the Main Stage at 3 pm the program ‘Pakhuis de Zwijger x De Ceuvel’ will pay a lot of attention to these developments.

Would you like to stay informed about the Ceuvel Campaign? Click here





PROGRAM summary:

12:30 – 15:00 [Free entrance till 14:00]

  • 12:30  – Reus Ribus en de Relkabouters 3+
  • 13:30 – Raw Resonance
  • 12:30 – 14:00 Kabaalmakers
  • 12:30 – 15:00 Hot Mama Hot 
  • 12.30-13:30 Netlworkshop
  • 13:45 , 14:05, 14:25 Storysafari

    12:00 – 17:00 [Free entrance till 14:00]

  • Studio Valkenier – Tour Ceuvel 12:30
  • DIE BRETT Boat – Exposition AHK
  • LOTS OF boatInfographic
  • KEIJZER boat– Exposition De Kracht van Noord ben jij
  • BOEF boat Exposition Films
  • The Oil library tot 19:00
  • Kabaalmakers boat –  Filmworkshop voor kinderen tot 14:00
  • SnorkelSafari – start: 16:00
  • Dyeing with Plants 13:00 – 14:30
  • The Pollinators – Bloembommen workshop 12:00 – 16:00
  • Metabolic Lab – Aseed Workshop 13:00 – 14:00
    Metabolic Inloop panel discussion 14:00- 17:00
  • Aquaponics – Tour for kids and young adults 13:00 – 14:00 


  • Cocobolo 19:30 – 20:50
  • Omar Ka & Fakrutu 16:15 – 17:30
  • Tabanka 21:45 – 23:00
  • Collignon 23:00 – 00:15
  • Kingston Hi-Fi 18:00 – 19:30
  • House of Jungle 00:00 – 03:00
  • Ruock 23:00 – 01:00
  • Mr. Gibbs 01:00 – 03:00
  • Nieuwendammer Shantykoor
  • Wolfgang
  • William Barrett Band
  • Bram van Langen
  • The Soul Travelers
  • Shaggy Greys
  • Moguido
  • Jacamar
  • Pelvic Tilt
  • Erik Ankone & the Gone Wrong Kings
  •  Soundscape Mark Opfer
  • Fenix




PROGRAM extended:

12:30 – 15:00 [Free Entry till 14:00]

12:30 – Reus Ribus en de Relkabouters 3+ (Main Stage)
There was once a land, Terreuzen, where all the friendly giants lived. So did Giant Ribus!

13:30 – Raw Resonance – Superjam Kids (Main Stage)
Loosen up and connect in this musical group workshop for everyone!

13:00 – 17:00  – Kabaalmakers – film presentation signature event with neighborhood children (Main Stage at 14:30) + film workshop on the Kabaalmakersboot (More info below)

WALK-IN WORKSHOPS [12:30 – 17:00]

Hot Mamma Hot – 
Workshop: You can learn how to protest

– with Annet Breure

LOTS OF boat: For the young visitors, there is also lots of fun stuff to do on this boat: a scavenger hunt, pick up and do a drawing assignment and for the little ones, we have plenty of sidewalk chalk again to brighten up the Ceuvel!


Studio Valkenier – ‘Small projects big impact’  [12:30]
(Tip: at 11 am, Wouter Valkenier gives a lecture at incubator ‘Het Baggerbeest’ at Rudi van Dantzigstraat 1, followed by a bike ride to the Ceuvel).

Exhibition –  Visions for a new Ceuvel by students AHK Exhibition with drawings and scale models by students of the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam (AHK) from their visions on the buildings and the outdoor space. The students were inspired by the regenerative and innovative character of the current Ceuvel as a breeding ground.

LOTS OF boot: Designers are working on a growing infographic to map the Ceuvel’s connections worldwide. This way we show that the Ceuvel is not only indispensable locally but for the whole world!

For young visitors, there is also lots of fun stuff to do on this boat:
– pick up and do a scavenger hunt
– collect and do a drawing assignment
– and for the little ones we have plenty of sidewalk chalk to draw with on the dock and giant bubble blowers to cheer up the Ceuvel!

, is a temporary annex of the Amsterdam-North Museum during the festival. The exhibition De Kracht van Noord ben jij  will be on display on this boat for 1 day especially for the anniversary.

BOEF boat:
The creators of the BOEF boat screen film and television programs created in the BOEF boat.
A rich variety of fiction, documentary, youth, experimental, sneak preview and work in progress of what has been created on the fertile ground of the Rascal by: Martijn Blekendaal, Remco Kappelhof, Gerson Oratmangoen and Laury Hooghuis.

The Oil Library
– Lars Charas [15:00 – 19:00]
Circular oil press that transforms seed from the Dutch seed industry into the most beautiful and versatile types of oil.

Kabaalmakers boat – 
Film workshop for kids
During the birthday party at the Ceuvel you and other kids will make stories for our social media channels! Condition is that you get to be on screen on YouTube and Instagram. You will go out with a phone with a good microphone and tripod to interview people, make nice atmospheric images and film funny situations. Plus, it will give you free access to the party (everyone can enter the grounds for free between 12-14pm). Are you 10-13 years old? Then sign up by sending an email to

Anke Wijnja
– Dyeing with plants. [13:00 – 14:30]

Thijs de Zeeuw
(Zoöp representative) & Anke Wijnja give a snorkel excursion in the Johan van Hasselt canal, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit! 

Are you ready for a unique exploration under the surface? Join our snorkel expedition and explore the fascinating underwater life of the Johan van Hasselt Canal. See for yourself what lives under the surface of Zoöp De Ceuvel – from tiny crabs to curious pikeperch. Thijs de Zeeuw will dive with you and tell you all about this mysterious and beautiful salt-sweet underwater landscape of Amsterdam North. Whether you are an experienced snorkeler or a beginner, everyone is welcome. You can bring your own equipment, but snorkel kits are also available.

Creërende Heren – Creative Workshop
In this creative workshop, everyone can customize their own clothes, shoes and objects to their own taste into a unique design.

The idea is for all participants to bring their own items to be pimped “depending on the type of workshop.”

-This can be sneakers, but also shirts, pants, socks, sweaters or bags.
-For objects you can think of for example a drawing box, lunch box, household objects, laptop or tablet.
-It is of course always possible to contribute your own idea or object.
– It is also possible to make a small “street-art” canvas.

During the workshops we will work with different materials and techniques. For example, water resistant paint, spray can and special markers are nice for quick results. You can also cut and tear and glue applications or glitter stones, for example.

Cost to join is from: €10 cash or tap.


Metabolic Lab / Aquaponics

Aseed 13:00 – 14:00 – strives for a world where people feel empowered to take action for social justice and environmental integrity at both local and global levels. Join the discussion between 12:00 and 13:00

Metabolic / Aquaponics 13:00 – 14:00 – tour for children and young adults

In the early afternoon, Metabolic will host an aquaponics greenhouse tour and workshop for children and young adults that will delve into the world of growing vegetables, raising fish and recycling nutrients in a small space with recycled materials.

Also by Metabolic: Walk-in panel discussion in Metabolic lab
between 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.


Lilli van Doorninck – Lively introductions and face painting


15:00 – Pakhuis de Zwijger x De Ceuvel (in dutch)
De Ceuvel must make way for new area development in January 2025. The request for the area must include recreation, manufacturing industry, a breeding ground and greenery. Precisely what the community around the Ceuvel has achieved in recent years. All efforts in the field of sustainability and greenery, but also hospitality, recreation and entrepreneurship would disappear.

For many Amsterdam residents and visitors, De Ceuvel is a place full of memories. A place that has put this part of Amsterdam North on the map. What is the value of creative breeding grounds for a city or district? How can we preserve the diversity of places and the uniqueness of the city? What could be an alternative to the planned urban development on this site? We will explore with policy makers, experts and other stakeholders.

The program consist of: Celebrating anniversaries: Amsterdam 750 and De Ceuvel 10 years,  Explanation situation De Ceuvel and the alternative, followed up by a  in-depth discussion in the Crossboat.

Together with Sascha Glazel (Space&Matter) Coby van Berkum (Previous member of city council of North) Andrea Leiter (Co-Founder and Head of Research SNI) Maartje Joosten (Projectmanagement Ceuvel 3.0), Jeroen Apers (Chair Future Committee Ceuvel 3.0) and Huib Koel (Entrepreneur, founding partner Ceuvel)

16:00 – Nieuwendammer Shantykoor
It’s all in the name: sailing, singing and Noord- Holland!

Omar Ka & Fakrutu
16:15 – 17:30

Omar Ka & Fula Band plays the irresistible West African groove, mbalax among other African rhythms, brought with a tough funkyness and a zesty jazzy flavor. Everywhere they play, the audience goes wild. They can be booked as a powerful 8-piece band, but Omar Ka has also collaborated with such diverse musicians as Lilian Viera, Izaline Callister, Mark Lotz, Anton Goudsmit, Leoni Jansen, Hans Dulfer, Michael Prins and DJ Tiësto, as well as bands such as Kasba, ABU and FaKruTu.

Kingston Hi-Fi
18:00 – 19:30
Kingston Hi-Fi spins an eclectic mix of tropical music from all over the world. Expect crazy cumbia, African rhythms, rousing Latin percussion, Caribbean hip swings and electronic mash-ups with heavy bass.

19:30 – 20:50

Cocobolo writes instrumental themes that excite the listener’s creativity. They sound like a mix of old school funk, psychedelic rock and surf-like guitars, with an overall retro sound. Cocobolo believes that music is not just something to listen to, but also offers a visual experience. Therefore, the band writes all songs with an image as a starting point. This image and the song then become a story, like a movie. Imagine being chased in a spy movie, or walking through the woods at dusk. Through numerous backgrounds, there is one thing that all the songs have in common: they excite the imagination. We are very happy with Cocobolo on the Birthday!

21:45 – 23:00

Tabanka is a young Cape Verdean group from Rotterdam, whose music is inspired by that of Cape Verdean artists of an older generation. They give their all in an exuberant live show where it is impossible to stand still. Are going to go wild just like you soon!



23:00 – 00:15
The band consists of Gino Bombrini on drums and percussion, Yves Lennertz on guitar, and Jori Collignon on synthesizers.Yves is best known as the songwriter and guitarist of the band Yin Yin. Yves has a fondness for traditional stringed instruments from Southeast Asia, such as the Phin from Thailand, and is an expert on all things Southeast Asian music.Gino has been playing with Jori since the heyday of their band SKIP&DIE, during which they toured all over the world and recorded music everywhere they went. Gino later formed the band Komodo and produced and mixed albums for many other artists, including Yin Yin.

House of Jungle – DJ
0:00 – 03:00
House Of Jungle is a DJ collective founded in 2019 by InkedRebelle and Jollyfish. It started at throwing house parties. They have since expanded to hosting club nights, parties at unique venues and have been featured at various festivals.

House of Jungle aims to bring the genres of amapiano, afrohouse/tech and afrobeats more to the dance floor. In doing so, they put music, nature, inclusiveness, self-expression and cultural diversity first.
They provide support and a stage for queer artists of color within these genres. Thus, we collaborate, host stages and invite other DJs, artists and musicians to show their artistic side in music.

During the House Of Jungle shows, you will be taken on a musical journey of afro electronic music. Where we are bursting with positive energy on stage and you as a listener cannot stay still.

Secret Garden Stage

Wolfgang [14:00- 14:45]
William Barrett [17:30 – 18:30]
Bram van Langen
[16:00 – 16:30]
The Soul Travelers [19:15 – 20:15]
Shaggy Greys [21:00 – 22:15]

Kabaal stage

Moguido [18:30 – 19:00]
Jacamar [20:15 – 21:00]
Pelvic Tilt [22:30 – 23:30]
Erik Ankone & the Gone Wrong Kings
[00:00 – 01:00]


12:00 – 16:00 – Mark Opfer
A Last Goodbye – ongoing soundscape

When you want to recover from the festivities to come to yourself you are welcome in the Workship. Here you will hear a study for A Last Goodbye, an audio installation that zooms in on the sound world of the Ceuvel.

De Ceuvel is a fascinating place precisely because it combines the urban with the green, work with recreation, temporality with the timeless. A Last Goodbye is a celebration of these contrasts, an ode to the most beautiful office garden in the Netherlands, where kingfishers and birds of paradise meet in harmony.

All sounds heard during the soundscape were carefully selected and recorded over the years at the Ceuvel by Mark Opfer.

23.00- 0.00  – Fenix

Fenix is an electro-acoustic jazz band, in which ambient synths, playful melodies and raw grooves merge. Their music has an open, playful character, where their shared love for improvisation and musical spontaneity results in honest music-of-the-moment. With their receptive interplay they paint a musical landscape that evolves and moves to unexpected places. 






15 June 2024


De Ceuvel

starts: 12:00

ends: 03:00