Experimental Zone Festival // SNI x De Ceuvel

Experimental Zone Festival // SNI x De Ceuvel

Calling all eco-tech allies, urban rewilders, biomimics, futurists, and all curious and creative humans invested in the future of our planet…

The Sovereign Nature Initiative & De Ceuvel welcome you to the first Experimental Zone Festival, a unique in-person celebration of ecology, art, theory, and emerging technologies.

We invite you to Amsterdam for a day of imagination, experimentation, and revelry in a special space where nature has a voice and value. This event will showcase immersive works by Marshmallow Laser Feast and the social justice project Breath for Sale, in addition to featuring an amazing array of world-class artists, thinkers, and innovators whose Earth-changing ideas are in bloom.


Mindbending VR Experiences
Imagine yourself putting on a virtual helmet and find you have become a tree inside Marshmallow Laser Feast’s acclaimed immersive work, Treehugger.
Test out new, innovative technologies
Enjoy a samosa while testing newly prototyped tech from global hackers.
Panels & parties
Check out mind-expanding lectures about the future of nature and technology, then take a walk to a secret garden to take in an ambient music concert while you watch the sunset.



21 May 2022

10,00 // 3,00 // 0,00

De Ceuvel

starts: 12:00

ends: 01:00