Greendoc: Carnage

Greendoc: Carnage

Carnage is a hilarious 2017 mockumentary directed by Simon Amstell. Set in the year 2067, when veganism is the norm, the film looks back on meat-eating today. The narrator tells us how the world is a happier place, as carnism is banned and veganism prevails. The youth express their disbelief on how people could have ever killed and eaten animals. Dr. Yasmine Vondenburgen, a psychotherapist, holds support sessions for former carnists to lift the guilt of carnism. In one session, Davina breaks down after naming Edam as a cheese she once ate.

Carnage is a BBC film made by Simon Amstell in 2017. We’ve screened this film before during the Greendoc Film Festival last October, and because of all the response we got we are now screening it again as a stand-alone Greendoc evening. 

Please join us on this seriously funny evening. If you want to enjoy a nice and plant-based dinner before the film, make a reservation at Café de Ceuvel using the online reservation tool:

6 December 2018


The Gallery

starts: 19:30

ends: 22:00