In-Depth Aquaponics workshop // Metabolic

In-Depth Aquaponics workshop // Metabolic

The challenge of growing healthy nutritional food in a world where land and resources are becoming scarcer, is maybe one of the largest in the world; and the most important. If there is one thing that everybody on the planet can agree on is that we all need food that is packed with natural vitamins and allows us to grow as human beings.

By saving 80 to 90 % of water in comparison with traditional farming, Aquaponics presents itself as one of the technologies of the future that will enable humans to grow nutritious food without the use of harmful substances which are often utilized in the current food production chain. Aquaponics is a method that allows us to produce 2 very important types of food – plant protein and animal protein – by creating a symbiotic system between fish and plants.

Since 2016, sustainability consultancy group Metabolic, founding partner of de Ceuvel, have been working on their experimental Aquaponics Greenhouse. Our current Greenhouse Operator, Andrei Beca, has over 4 years of hands-on experience with the system. He will give a tour through our 85 square meter Aquaponics system, showcasing 6 different plant growing methods and an aquaculture set-up. We will teach you how this method works, how to operate it and also how to build your own small to medium scale system to produce healthy produce and fish. This workshop will give you a solid foundation and will provide you with the right directions and online resources in researching more.

What will we cover?
–  Aquaponics basics and principles
– the symbiosis between fish and plants (one cannot live without the other)
–  Explanation of the different methods of growing plants (Raft system, Media bed, NFT, Dutch Buckets, Vertical Towers and Wicking bed)
–  Aquaculture – the other half of the aquaponics system
–  What plants and what fish can you grow
–  Can aquaponics be commercial? If so…how? (spoiler alert: yes, it can be commercial)
–  And many other useful information that will help you further in your personal research

Language: English
 3- 4 hours (depending on the interest)
Capacity: min 5 people – up to 20 ppl max
Price: 75 EUR per person
Dates: 3.09.2022 @10:30 AM 10.09.2022 @10:30 AM
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3 September 2022


Greenhouse @ De Ceuvel

starts: 10:30

ends: 14:30