Make the World Great Again Festival 2018

Make the World Great Again Festival 2018

After the roaring success of the first edition, CollAction & De Ceuvel are organising  the second edition of the Make The World Great Again Festival to be held on May 26th! Last year the festival was sold out within two weeks and served as a platform for more than a thousand people participating in many acts for positive change. This year Make The World Great Again will be even greater: more action, more music, more speakers and more collective impact!

Positive action through crowdacting:
At the festival we turn our good intentions into positive action with the help of crowdacts: switch to a new bank or energy supplier, learn to give new destinations to your garbage, apply for volunteer work, find impactful work, start a neighborhood initiative for shared solar panels, or dress yourself in the newest sustainable fashion. As well as all of this, we invite you to start your own crowdact.

The Transformation Tunnel
We will transform the jetty of de Ceuvel for one day to ‘transformation tunnel’. In the different boats we will seduce you into taking positive action. When you leave the jetty, you’ll be committed to a whole range of crowdacts and your transformation will be complete. In the central area we’ll be playing records on the square and there’ll also be live sets from top-notch musicians and bands.

Sessions & workshops
In the program you can find all the information about the workshops. The workshops are arranged in different themes from everyday life, for example food, energy, career and inner world. They will be given by partners, social enterprises and NGOs which are doing great things. We’ll also be organising activities like the garbage-raid; you can talk to inspiring speakers; or just have a drink in the sunshine!

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Who are we?
Make The World Great Again is organised by CollAction & Café De Ceuvel

About CollAction
CollAction is the first crowdactingplatform in the world. We help on- and offline with starting and participating in crowdacting campaigns. A crowdacting campaign tries to solve a collective problem by asking conditional commitment. For example: “I promise to switch to a sustainable bank / don’t eat meat for a month / don’t fly for a whole summer; if an X amount of people do the same.”

26 May 2018

€ 12,50

De Ceuvel

starts: 12:00

ends: 23:00