Social Entrepeneurship Friday – MakeSense Amsterdam

Social Entrepeneurship Friday – MakeSense Amsterdam

Do you want to connect with people who are passionate with social issues and have a positive impact on the world?  Are you curious what social entrepreneurs do? Or how a social business is built and works?

Then you should join us on Friday, 4th of August! MakeSense Amsterdam is going to discuss all of it in this “the lifecycle of a social business” event with social entrepreneurs who are involved in the world of social business and with everyone who just has a desire to learn or contribute with their knowledge to the issue!

The speakers are going to do presentations (also a simulation) and talk about every aspect the business has: Starting from the idea, it goes on with early stage, maturity, and a possible failure.

Feel free to share all of your ideas on the process of dealing with all the challenges and obstacles they face.

Organised by: MakeSense Amsterdam HotSpot

4 August 2017


Metabolic Lab

starts: 18:00

ends: 20:00