Tour of the Ceuvel

Tour of the Ceuvel

Do you to learn more about De Ceuvel?

We organise a monthly tour on a Sunday, which is given by one of our Ceuvelaars and is open to everyone! If you’d like to get to know De Ceuvel, learn more about how it started and its different sustainable technologies, then come on this tour!

Practical information:

Costs of participation are € 10,- (including booking fee and a drink at the Café) and the tours take about an hour. it’s possible to pay directly at the tourguide or get an advance tickets online through:

The revenue of the tours go directly back into making our creative city experiment even more green and sustainable. During and after the tour there will be many opportunities to ask questions and have more in-depth conversations with us. We have space for a maximum of 20 participants per tour. The site of De Ceuvel is not very wheelchair-accessible, but it’s not impossible, so where there’s a will there’s a way. The tour takes place outside, even if the weather is bad, so please bring your own protective clothing or umbrellas. If the weather is really bad, we’ll do a presentation inside instead. 

28 October 2018

€ 10,-

De Ceuvel

starts: 16:00

ends: 17:00