As part of WeMakeThe.City events and events of the International Forum of Living Cities that this year takes place on the same dates in Amsterdam, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Barcelona and other cities we invite you to attend the following happening:

On June 19 at 13.00 De Ceuvel will “manifest” a performance by 2 International Citymakers and Thought Leaders from Canada/Scotland and Russia/Netherlands.

Savour the main course of Manifestos with Oleg Lega and Marilyn Hamilton as they read their challenges and solutions for Eco-Conscious Living:

  • The New Sincerity Manifesto
  • The New Green Manifesto

Spice up your dessert with saucy questions:

  • How can I shift to a higher level of consciousness and a more eco-minded way of doing business?
  • Am I authentic in my love for my children? For my partner? For my colleagues?
  • Am I fully aware of the effects of my decisions and actions on them at an eco-regional and planetary scale?

Imbibe your libations with warm responses from the Manifestors:

Marilyn Hamilton, Canadian author, innovator, living in Findhorn Scotland, Founder of Integral City Meshworks and Co-Founder of Living Cities. www.integralcity.com

Oleg Lega, integral thinker and serial entrepreneur from Russia, Founder of BUSHE Group of companies, living in Amsterdam, member of Living Cities Strategic Council. www.forumgorodov.ru


About the Living Cities

Living Cities is a purpose-driven community of citymakers and change-leaders in over 100 cities across Europe, Asia, Americas that drives authentic change in how life in cities is organized to provide more opportunities for trust, open communication and cooperation between all stakeholders – to open doors to a new world full of thriving communities, happy cities and citizens living their full creative potential. Cees Donkers of Eindhoven, Oleg Lega and Floor Ziegler of Amsterdam are representatives of Living Cities in the Netherlands. Forum of Living Cities is an annual event that brings together integral thinkers and action leaders to discuss projects, cooperation opportunities and have fun together!

19 June 2019


Metabolic Lab

starts: 13:00

ends: 14:00