Global Young Leaders Workshop: living life by your own design (EN)

Global Young Leaders Workshop: living life by your own design (EN)

How can I design my life based around my own passions and unique standards of success and happiness? And while doing so, how do I tackle the countless daily challenges and decisions that will bring me there from a place of confidence, joy and fulfillment? How do I tackle influences like fear, expectations and limited beliefs?

While many people and educational programs aim to provide young people with the guidance and tools on how to do this, their lessons and approaches often stay too general, do not always align with our individual needs nor match our real-world experiences. Time for something different.

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The Global Young Leaders workshop is about learning from and working with other young people to create exactly those practical approaches, solutions and tools that are relevant for you, and applicable to your direct real-world experiences.

• Share your life story, impactful decisions, challenges and solutions with other young people through an interactive, open, non-judgmental exchange
• Apply the workshop content and structure to your unique and personal life context and decision-making
• Reflect on your own decision-making. The road leading up to the decision, the motivation, external influences, mindset, emotions and rationality, the moment of decision-making, the outcomes and your personal toolbox
• Find what works for you by identifying and developing practical and personally relevant tools and approaches to take on your unique life challenges with confidence

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• Understanding: insight into personal decision-making process
• Practical real-world and personally relevant tools and approaches needed to reach goals
• Increased effective decision-making, leadership and confidence: understand -> adapt -> apply
• A personalized method for self-directing your life experience

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The Global Young Leaders initiative ( is entirely based on the real-world experiences of young people and is created by young people for young people. We regard young people as the experts of their own experiences. Instead of promoting a predetermined path, the initiative stimulates young people to follow their passions and increase their self-directness and take charge over their personal and professional life through their decision-making.

Where: Amsterdam
8 June 09.00-12.00 hrs. (Dutch), 13.00-16.00 hrs. (English)
Where: De Ceuvel, Amsterdam
Cost: € 30, –

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8 June 2019


De Ceuvel

starts: 13:00

ends: 16:00