Discover the Art of Natural Candle Making Workshop with Marisa, the Founder of Primal Essence. Unlock the secrets of candle making in our beginner-level workshop, where you’ll immerse yourself in the world of natural craftsmanship. Embrace the experience with 100% natural soy wax, enriched with scents from natural-derived fragrance oils. Choose between the rustic charm of a wooden wick or the classic simplicity of a cotton wick.


🌿Materials Included:
100% Natural Soy Wax: A sustainable and eco-friendly choice.
Natural Derived Fragrance Oils: Explore captivating scents like cucumber mint, black vanilla orchid, olive citron, and cedar wood.
Wooden Wick and/or Cotton Wick or both: choose both for cosy home perfection. Finally but not less important, we will use recycled jars  as candle vessels.


🕯️Workshop Highlights:
Guidance by Marisa from Primal Essence: Benefit from the expertise of a seasoned artisan.
Interactive Learning: Dive into the basics of blending fragrance oils designed specially for candle making.
Step-by-Step Process: Craft your own scented masterpiece with hands-on guidance.


🌟Personalized Experience:
We’ll begin by exploring scents and discovering which blend is perfect for you. Pour your natural soy-scented candle, choosing from a wooden or cotton wick. Upgrade to take both home and enhance your collection.


🏡Post-Workshop Care:
Your candle needs an undisturbed setting, and needs to be rest overnight. Collect your beautifully crafted creation the next day.


🎟️Workshop Cost:
The workshop fee covers all materials and includes your finished candle with the option of a wooden wick, cotton wick, or both!


12 May 2024


Metabolic Lab - De Ceuvel

starts: 11:00

ends: 13:00