Purifying Park Afternoon

Purifying Park Afternoon

The Ceuvel is built on an old shipyard with polluted soil. While we are here we are trying to make the soil cleaner through plants (phytoremediation) and at the same time create a pleasant green environment! Low cost and DIY.

Will you join us? Great! We can use all hands to get it done! Together we will do what is needed at the time (pruning, sowing, taking soil samples, etc). And if you like, you can also learn more about how we do it – cleaning the soil with plants. Afterwards, you can relax with a drink from us in the café.

Please register at info@thenatureconnection.nl
Tip: wear sturdy shoes, and something along your legs is fine.

Last minute? Then come to the center square, you can find us near the wheelbarrows

21 September 2022


De Ceuvel

starts: 13:30

ends: 16:30