Light Up De Ceuvel – Amsterdam Light Festival

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On the longest outdoor catwalk of Europe, 72U Amsterdam together with makers and artists from Amsterdam North will create various light installations. The installations will be made through the “HET WARE NOORDEN” philosophy and will showcase up-cycled objects turned into lights. They will be on view during the Amsterdam Light Festival until January 22 2017.

On Saturdays creative re-use sessions will be held where you can make your very own light and take it home. The workshops will be given on December 10 during the opening event and on Saturday 17 December, January 7, 14 and 21 from 14.00 to 16.00.

re-use 72u



Het Ware Noorden is a label that promotes creative re-use sessions and its resulting products. Het Ware Noorden is a 72U Amsterdam Project and started as an Immersive Creative Research assignment, in which the 72U team spoke to people of Amsterdam North from a variety of backgrounds, with different desires and wishes, of the new and the old generation. From that research, the main ambition was to find the common ground between De Ceuvel and the people from Amsterdam North.


Zeg het maar 72U

Zeg het maar

Speak up. The voice of Amsterdam North has different tones and they all need to be heard. We encourage people to speak up, to see the power and effect our voices can have.


Visvangst 72U


Fishing nets hold memories and are a core part of the North. The discarded nets holding lights could be seen as a great catch for De Ceuvel.

Schooldier 72U

School Dier

School Dier is a mythical creature crawling out of the canal. It symbolizes the endless learning adventure in a place that is in a perpetual state of development and change. School Dier was made out of old elementary school tables from schools of Amsterdam-North.