Still reachable despite road construction

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Unfortunately, we’re a lot harder to reach because of major road constructions in our neighborhood. We’re currently discussing with the Municipality how to make the lives of our customers easier, meanwhile we’ve made this little map to help you.

Are you coming from the main ferry and you’re on the bike? Take the blue route: a left at Mosplein into Distelweg, then right at the bridge after Bouwcenter Floris, and then another right after the first construction site. You’ll reach us without encountering broken up streets and annoying boardwalks.

Are you on foot, coming from the direction of Noorderpark, or by nature a stubborn person? Take the green route: Go past the new mall at Mosplein, past the Genco and the Koptic church, then take a left into Ribbesstraat. Take a right at the Papaverweg and go into the little parallel road with the parking spaces. Here’s a crossing to the sidewalk on the other side, and you can go over the rubber boards to De Ceuvel.

Parking: If you’re with the car you can still park around the corner near Kropaarstraat. You can drive into the Papaverweg from Ridderspoorweg.

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