SNI Winter 2022 Hackathon Call

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Calling all Earth-minded innovators, eco-hackers, blockchain environmentalists, and nature/web3 thinkers! For the SNI Winter 2022 Hackathon, Sovereign Nature Initiative will be asking teams to:

Develop ideas that enable representation of non-human life, establish governance models and empower ecosystems to act in their own interests and to produce and capture value in their own right. We invite you to define “value” broadly and consider in addition to practical ecological value other qualities such as beauty and inter-connectedness. Your idea should support SNI’s broader goal to go beyond common approaches towards sustainability and break the cycle of human domination over ‘nature’.

In thinking about identity and value, we are especially interested in solutions that acknowledge the challenges and opportunities of human design and architecture in dialogue with nature. We urge you to consider built environments where human/nature harmony is the goal.

One example of such a semi-built environment is De Ceuvel, a post-industrial reclaimed former shipyard in North Amsterdam that operates as a sustainable planned workplace for creative and social enterprises, a unique land trust, and a laboratory for new ideas. Your technology may wish to help address some of the following real challenges faced at this space as examples of practical applications. We offer these merely as points of inspiration as your solution may not attempt to ‘solve’ or to join in any of these concerns, but you may want to use one of De Ceuvel’s ongoing efforts as a point of reference for your ideas.
The winners of our Hackathon will see their solutions showcased at a live event at De Ceuvel in the late spring of 2022.

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