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Trac FM

Trac FM stimulates public engagement and active citizenship by involving people in interactive polls and surveys during radio debates. Trac FM mainly works in Eastern-Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Somalia) but will soon start working in Asia too! The Trac FM software enables over 400.000 people to participate in popular weekly debates on topics like water provision, gender division, corruption etc.

How do you make a difference?
Together with our team in Uganda we enable thousands of people to participate in important debates on the running of their lives. Millions of people tune into the radio talk-shows. We train talk-show hosts in directly using data coming out of real-time SMS polls facilitated by the software platform. The data coming out of the polls and surveys is used to inform partner media organisations, NGOs and relevant government institutions.

For what can people contact you?
You can contact us for anything that is Africa related or involves civic engagement, social movement, the use of technology for development or interactive radio. Additionally we are working on a projects related to forestry, permaculture and tropical medicinal plants.

Why do you feel at home at De Ceuvel?
De Ceuvel blends a community of positive, creative and entrepreneurial individuals. Not only is the Ceuvel a cool place to walk around and to have a beer at the Cafe, it is a successful social experiment that can show us how, with a  bit of extra effort, knowledge and freedom, we can be commercially competitive without losing our heads to greed, stress and conventional standards. We welcome everybody that sets foot on Ceuvel-soil to be part of this movement.

How can we get in touch?
Trac FM International
De Ceuvel
Korte Papaverweg 2c, Boot 2 (Macula Boot)

Wouter Dijkstra