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Placemakers works to create inclusive and lively urban spaces. Through research, workshops, small experiments and integrated strategies we develop places in collaboration with residents, entrepreneurs, government and other local parties.

How does Placemakers make a difference?
As local knowledge and creative research methods are central in our practice, we manage to bring various forms of expertise together in one development process; from the scale of a courtyard to a public square and neighborhood. As an interdisciplinary team of social scientists and (landscape) architects we come up with socio-spatial solutions that are co-developed by – and therefore respond to – the wishes and needs of residents.

What can I call you for?
In each project we apply our placemaking methodology, which consists of different steps. We map the neighborhood, organize creative participatory processes, translate local knowledge to policy, program, design and build public spaces, and make sure that the project is carried (on) locally.

Why do you feel at home here?
From a derelict site to a constantly refreshing community space, De Ceuvel is a prime example of the power of placemaking, of which we are glad to be reminded on a daily basis. De Ceuvel has taken the qualities (and drawbacks!) of the location as a starting point, aligns itself to relevant urban developments but is also a true driver of positive change.

What is your favorite activity at the Ceuvel?
We have a drawer with bathing suits at the office for fairly frequent refreshing swimming sessions! Gotta love it.

Katusha Sol
+316 24 28 72 72