Logic Works

Our neighbors of Logic Works have made a lot and done a lot of jobs for us in the Café and outside. Besides the beautiful boat banks on our terrace, they have also build the picknick tables of old wooden over plates and the massive tables made of trees felled in the Van Der Pekstraat, around the corner.

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Flesj lampjes

The small (LED) lamps in the Café are designed and made by Flesj. They’re old lemonade bottles with a lamp inside

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In the middle of the Café, on the big pulley, hangs a huge lamp made out of a glass chalice and a grammophone bonnet. The lamp is designed by our neighbour Ulysses of the Valparaiso. The lamp is also for sale 

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Studio Valkenier

The Café was build by architect Wouter Valkenier, also known for Hanneke’s Boom and Bret. The building consists almost entirely of upcycled materials, amongst which bollards from the harbour of Amsterdam,  afore mentioned wooden oven plates, an old beachshack of the Scheveningen lifeguards, and a wooden floor from an old gym. From door stoppers to window frames, Wouter has managed to find almost everything somewhere.

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