Ceuvel Friday Drinks x Expo Opening Barbara Smit: Undisposable

Ceuvel Friday Drinks x Expo Opening Barbara Smit: Undisposable

For this photography project, documentary maker Barbara Smit hung disposable cameras at public spaces around the world (in Amsterdam, Colombia and Spain) with a message attached to the camera: “Show me your world, take a picture”. 
She took the first of the 27 photos on the roll herself, and let the rest be taken by beautiful strangers who decided to show us their world. This exhibition in Café de Ceuvel is a selection of the best, sloppiest, loveliest and most interesting pictures taken. 
Barbara Smit is a freelance documentary researcher and is based on one of the boats at de Ceuvel. She says:
“In a world where it seems almost everything has to be of economic value, and the ‘what’s in it for me’ mentality seems to be increasing, I love the fact that people decided to collaborate on this project without knowing why or what for. Although I don’t know any of the participants personally, I already love them for taking part”.
This project is a reminder that you can have a certain view on a certain place but there is always another perspective, another way to look at the same space. Sometimes you need another pair of eyes to broaden your own view. 

For more photos please follow@un_disposable on Instagram 
Want to show me your world? Look for the camera in front of Café De Ceuvel during opening weekend!
This expo opening falls on the last friday of the month, which is our monthly friday evening Ceuvel drinks! Join us and the rest of the community for a toast on everything nice in the world! 

26 October 2018


Cafe de Ceuvel

starts: 17:00

ends: 22:00