Tour at de Ceuvel

At de Ceuvel we organize private guided tours for interested individuals, schools, companies and others.  Whether you are an architect, technical engineer, student or are interested in sustainability in general: there is someone at de Ceuvel who can tell our story in a way that is relevant to your background. De Ceuvel is a community-built urban incubator where sustainability and the circular economy are central. It is an urban experiment in urban renewal, a creative and cultural breeding ground, a circular test lab, and a place to relax and be inspired. There is a smart grid of solar panels where power can be exchanged using blockchain technology, an aquaponics greenhouse , 16 boats on dry land converted into creative workspaces, and a cozy café-restaurant that invariably has been named ‘the most sustainable restaurant in Europe’. The heavily polluted ground on which everything is built is meanwhile being cleaned by means of a special mix of purifying plants that absorb the heavy metals and oils from the old shipyard.


Duration | 45-60 minutes
Capacity | maximum 20 persons per guide
Price* | €290 inc. vat
*For schools & other non-profit organizations we charge €190 inc. vat
We always charge the regular price for requests during the weekend.


The Ceuvel Tours are organized by Association de Ceuvel. The fantastic and sustainable cafe-restaurant Cafe de Ceuvel is also located on our site. Their story is also part of the tour.  If you would like to have drinks, lunch, dinner or snacks with them before or afterwards, please let them know in advance by making a direct reservation with them.