DNA Sustainability Game

Trying to effect system change in your organization? The DNA sustainability game is a playful way to come up with and discover systemic solutions for your organization. The Sustainability DNA Game takes place on one of the studio boats of De Ceuvel. The game is designed by architect Amber Beernink, located at de Ceuvel. The session is supervised by a DNA consultant from de Ceuvel. The intention is to develop an action plan together to translate sustainable ambitions into actions and solutions. It starts with a focus question from the organization. This is also discussed in advance. Participants’ ideas are connected, contextualized and sharpened. Small teams work together to develop the strongest possible action plan.

The DNA Game is aimed at companies and government organizations that want to integrate sustainabillity in their daily practices and routines. We offer a modified version to colleges and universities (students).
For an extra fee, the DNA Game can also be combined with a guided tour of de Ceuvel.


Duration | 2,5 uur in total
Price | € 500 incl VAT (€ 600 incl rondleiding)
Capacity | Maximum of 15 per group
Priceincludes the regular tour
*For educational institutions, we ask a special price of € 300 incl VAT (€ 400 incl the guided tour)

Tours can be given in Dutch or English.