Tour of the Aquaponics Greenhouse

The challenge of growing healthy nutritional food in a world where land and resources are becoming scarcer, is maybe one of the largest in the world; and the most important. If there is one thing that everybody on the planet can agree on is that we all need food that is packed with natural vitamins and allows us to grow as human beings.

Located on a heavily polluted ground, De Ceuvel offers a great example of how humans can grow healthy food, without chemicals and pesticides in an environment where soil cannot be used. Aquaponics is a method that allows us to produce two very important types of food – plant protein and animal protein – by creating a symbiotic system between fish and plants.

By saving 80 to 90 % of water in comparison with traditional farming, Aquaponics presents itself as one of the technologies of the future that will enable humans to grow nutritious food without the use of harmful substances which are often utilized in the current food production system.

Since 2016, sustainability consultancy group Metabolic, founding partner of de Ceuvel, have been working on their experimental Aquaponics Greenhouse. This tour will focus solely on our 85 square meter Aquaponics system and we will show you how it works, what you can grow, and the various aquaponics methods which are applied and are showcased side by side. Finally, we will provide you with (online) resources to learn more about this urban farming technique.

Note that the Greenhouse is also part of the standard tour of de Ceuvel albeit a much part (5-10 minutes). The story of de Ceuvel and Metabolic is also part of the Greenhouse tour but again plays a much smaller part.


Duration | 45-60 min
Capacity | Maximum of 10 persons. In case of larger groups, only consecutive tours are possible.
Price | € 275 inc VAT
*For schools & other non-profit organizations we charge €175 incl. vat
We always charge the regular price for requests during the weekend.


The Ceuvel Tours are organized by Association de Ceuvel. The fantastic and sustainable cafe-restaurant Cafe de Ceuvel is also located on our site. If you would like to have drinks, lunch, dinner or snacks with them before or afterwards, please let them know in advance by making a direct reservation with them.